Lockport’s Downtown Attraction

The Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride in Lockport, NY, on the Erie Canal, just a 30 minute drive from Niagara Falls (via Route 31 East), offers the public an exciting 70-minute guided tour through America’s past, near Buffalo and Niagara Falls. You will explore the historic and newly rehabilitated “Flight of Five” Erie Canal Locks 67-71, constructed in 1838. You will also view ruins from the industrial revolution, walk through a water tunnel that was blasted out of solid rock, view stalactites, flow stone, various geological formations and artifacts left behind in the underground caves by the men who built the tunnel in the early days of the Erie Canal.

Lockport Locks 34 and 35 on the Erie Canal

Erie Canal

Experience an underground boat ride that is both Unique and Mysterious: The next part of your journey is a one-of-a-kind underground boat ride. Embark on one of America’s longest underground boat ride along the Erie Canal and experience a trip of wonders. Marvel at artifacts left by miners on the Erie Canal over a century ago. And view cave formations in their early stages of development. Visitors are awestruck as they take a ride that has been described as both “peaceful and eerie” as the boat glides through the lifeless water, illuminated only by small, sporadically placed electric lights.

Feel the History surrounding you: Your tour guide will take you on one of the most unique tours on the Erie Canal or in all America. Walk through a 2100 foot water power tunnel blasted out of solid rock. The Hydraulic Tunnel provided water power to three industries. The tunnel was the invention of Birdsill Holly, a mechanical genius, whose inventions were manufactured using Erie Canal water power provided by this tunnel. Holly’s inventions include the life-saving fire hydrant, central steam heat and the rotary pump. During his lifetime, Holly held over 150 patents.

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Erie Canal

Explore the Historic Engineering Marvels on the Erie Canal from the 1800’s!: You will also experience Lockport Locks 34 & 35, which allow boats to travel “uphill” 60 feet through the Niagara Escarpment ridge of rock. Examine circa 1800 industrial ruins, allowing a glimpse into America’s industrial revolution and the fortitude it took to build the Erie Canal.

Erie Canal