The Lockport Pulp Company 1880-1941

The Lockport Pulp Company was the third company powered by the underground Hydraulic Race tunnel on the on the North side of the canal. Water exited the tunnel through two 8′ diameter penstocks which emptied into catch barter inside the manufacturing company.
After harnessing the water for mechanical power, the water traveled back into the Erie Canal through 3 5’ diameter tunnels. The water would turn large water wheels which would in turn spin millstones. The pulp mill utilized these large millstones to grind locally grown trees into wood pulp.

The wood pulp was then shipped by rail to the Indurated Fiber Company and the United Box and Carton Company, (later to become the Upson Company), also located in Lockport. Using large steam presses these fiber companies would compress the wood pulp into various products such as buckets, bowls, and cuspidors.

The pulp mill, which was built in 1880 operated continuously until 1941 when it was closed.

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